CCR&R children

What difference is CCR&R making?

  • Close to 40,000 children (over 21,000 families) per year are connected to resources that enable their parents to work, go to school, and support their families.
  • Over 6,100 child care classrooms per year improve or maintain the quality of their services to children and families or newly obtain licensure to serve families.
  • Over 24,000 child care professionals per year increase their knowledge and learn new strategies to improve the child care environment and the experiences of the children in their care.*

As a result of the collective efforts of CCR&R agencies and other key partners working to improve the quality of child care in the state and to connect North Carolina families to quality care, 66%** of all NC children enrolled in regulated child care attend high-quality 4- and 5-star programs, as compared to 33% in 2003.

NC CCR&R 2019 statistics

**NC DCDEE June 2020 statistics