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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance 

CCR&Rs offer technical assistance (TA) which is defined as a service provided to an early care and education or school-age program to help an individual classroom, multiple classrooms and/or an entire program start-up, address corrective action requirements, and/or achieve or maintain higher quality. 

Enhanced technical assistance includes more intensive services that are typically targeted to quality improvement or providing in-depth services to support the start-up of child care programs.  For example, many quality improvement projects involve working intensively and repeatedly over an extended period with entire child care programs to help them increase their star ratings and/or achieve or maintain national accreditation.  Typically, CCR&R staff assess individual classrooms or family child care programs and help teachers/directors develop improvement plans to raise their Environment Rating Scale scores (i.e., ITERS-R/ECERS-R/SACERS/FCCERS-R). 

CCR&Rs are charged with providing technical assistance to the non-English speaking population as well.  Many CCR&Rs have Bilingual Specialists who support programs in communicating with non-English speaking families.   

North Carolina Rated License Assessment Project:

Framework for N.C. Technical Assistance Practitioner Competencies.

Child Care Providers across the state receive Technical Assistance for their programs daily!  Read what a few of them had to say:

“I will used the information I learned to provide an enriched environment for children and to make learning more enjoyable for all of us”

“I have learned that asking children open-ended questions lets them give me ideas on what they like and helps me to plan activities based on their interest”

“We added partner projects to encourage the children to be social with all peers in the classroom which provided confidence to enter groups of children at play”

“The information I learned through this support is invaluable.  I had no idea what I was capable of and now have the confidence to continue and grow from this experience.  Thank you!”