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School Age Initiative

The overall goal of this project is to improve the quality and increase the availability of licensed school age child care services in North Carolina.

Southwestern Child Development Commission leads the School Age Quality Improvement Project for Child Care Resource and Referral in North Carolina.  Contact information for the Statewide School Age Program Coordinator is williams.jon@swcdcinc.org or 828-450-9218 and the Statewide School Age Professional Development Consultant is marley.erin@swcdcinc.org or 828-354-0116.

The Statewide School Age Project was established in July 2004 through funding provided by the NC Division of Child Development & Early Education.  

The program has many services to offer to providers serving school age children.  The School Age Project provides technical assistance with room arrangement, lesson planning, positive discipline techniques, transitional activities, age appropriate activities for both indoor and outdoor environments and other needs as specified by the individual programs and staff members.  Technical assistance can include consultation, coaching, mentoring and modeling and is designed individually to meet the needs of the provider. The School Age Project also provides  training across the state.   

For more information on state and national quality school age child care resources, you can find more information here.