CCR&R children

Information for Policy Makers and Planners

Everyone in the community has a stake in child care - just as we do in schools, law enforcement, fire departments and health care. Child care is not just a concern for parents. It affects every community member, sooner or later.  Child Care Resource and Referral agencies serve as a key resource of accurate information for community decision-makers and planners, local government, elected officials and media.  Child Care Resource and Referral agencies share information about child care issues and linkages between early learning and later success in life through web site development, press releases, information forums, advertisements, etc.

Support is provided by Child Care Resource and Referral agencies to the community at large in a number of ways, including:

  • State Child Care Facts and Figures
  • Data Collection, analysis, and dissemination - provision of varied and comprehensive data to identify community needs as well as shape/refine service delivery and inform public policy.  Examples of data collected and analyzed include:
    • Child care program supply and parental demand
    • Number of referrals made to both preschoolers and school-agers
    • Type and number of programs and their licensing status
    • Child care fees/rates
    • Child care vacancies
  • Child Care Research
  • Child Care Supply and Demand
  • Advocacy - promotion of community involvement, planning, and work to make high-quality child care a reality for all children.  Examples of advocacy efforts include:
    • Education around issues that affect children and communities
    • Involvement with child-serving groups
    • Awareness around legislative agendas and contact information for elected officials