CCR&R children

Information for Employers / Businesses

Research shows that parents who have consistent, affordable, quality child care are less likely to be absent from work or to leave their jobs. They are also more productive while at work. Without reliable child care that they trust, employees frequently feel torn between their responsibilities as parents and their responsibilities on the job. Child Care Resource and Referral agencies can help employers deal effectively with child care issues that confront their employees.

These services include:

Work-Life Seminars - employee focused, on-site classes on topics ranging from parenting and child development to stress management and work-life balance

Work-Life Needs Assessments - consultation with employers to review their organizational work-life environments to develop family-friendly policies and procedures

Employer Child Care Subsidies - guidance in the development of employer-sponsored subsidies to help employees afford the cost of child care

Child Care Program Start-Up - assistance in the set-up and implementation of corporate child care

Emergency Back-Up Child Care Plan - assistance in emergency plan development  for the provision of on-site child care in the case of inclement weather, natural disasters or other emergencies

Enhanced Child Care Referrals - provision of fee-based services to employees of corporate clients, including the provision of comprehensive information, vacancy checks, expanded searches, extended referral service hours, etc.