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Standard Training Descriptions

School Age Initiative

BSAC (Basic School Age Care) - .5 CEU or 5 DCDEE Contact Hours

BSAC (Basic School Age Care) is a 5 hour introductory level training event for school age care professionals that are new to the field.  The training includes the following modules:  1) Health, Safety, & Nutrition, 2) Environmental Design, 3) Child/Youth Development 4) Developmentally Appropriate Activities, 5) Guiding Child Behavior, and 6) Quality School Age Care.  This training in required by the NC Division of Child Development for school age care professionals working in licensed programs but is a great training for new staff in any afterschool program setting.

Introduction To SACERS - 2 DCDEE Contact Hours

This workshop provides a wealth of information on the SACERS (School Age Care Environment Rating Scale) through visual presentations, handouts, practice scoring scenarios, helpful hints, and common low scoring items.  Designed specifically to stimulate group discussion and participation, workshop attendees at all levels will explore common elements that create high quality environments for school age children/youth and be able to apply them in their own programs.  ALL afterschool programs can use this information to self-assess their programs and implement strategies to build environments that work for children and staff.  Programs working toward increasing quality or higher star licensure should definitely attend this one!

Introduction To School Age Inclusion – 2 DCDEE Contact Hours

This training is provided as an overview of inclusion, generally presented as a first module in a 4 part series. The objective is to provide the participant with a basis of the history of support for school age children with disabilities (medical model vs. empowerment model), and with a philosophy of inclusion. Person-first language and the benefits of inclusion are also covered.

Respectful Accommodations In School Age Programs – 2 DCDEE Contact Hours

Making your program accessible to children with disabilities will require creative and responsive accommodations. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) addresses the necessity of making accommodations for school age children with disabilities so that they can participate in community programs. This workshop provides an overview of the philosophy of inclusion and insight into what constitutes a “respectful accommodation.” Specific examples of accommodations for school age children who have various types of disabilities are included.

Supporting Positive School Age Behavior – 2 DCDEE Contact Hours

Supporting Positive School Age Behavior addresses the fact that all children display some type of behavioral challenge. However, some children have a more difficult time managing their behavior, and often times this may be related to the disability they have. This workshop will focus on how to prevent negative behaviors before they occur and how to create environments that offer positive behavior support to school age children with behavioral challenges.

Partnering With Families Of School Age Children – 2 DCDEE Contact Hours
When school age children come to your program they come attached to a family unit. Learning to create partnerships with children’s families will help you provide the best service to all children. Learn to communicate successfully with parents, how to set up your relationship for success and what to do when challenges arise.

Additional trainings events are currently under development, so please check with your regional specialist for more information.