CCR&R children

How does CCR&R work?

  • CCR&R services are available in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties through the state’s regional system of CCR&R agencies.

  • Overall, there are 14 CCR&R Lead Agencies across the state working with a variety of local organizations to serve North Carolina’s diverse families, child care programs, professional workforce and communities.

  • CCR&R services are located in private, non-profit organizations, Smart Start Partnerships, and a variety of public agencies. Several NC agencies have been providing CCR&R services to their communities for 40 years or more.

  • CCR&R agencies provide the “core” CCR&R services of consumer education and referral, professional development and training, technical assistance, data collection and analysis, and public awareness, all of which work to improve children’s access to quality child care and help ensure children have the early experiences they need for their optimal development. CCR&R agencies also deliver “enhanced” CCR&R services which target specific early care and education service provider gaps and needs.

  • North Carolina’s CCR&R system is a national model for high performance, with strong standards and a set of outputs and outcomes for which the system is held annually accountable.