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CCR&R children

Facts and Figures

2019 Statewide Demographics*

Total Children 0-5:                                                                                                                731,948

Total Children 6-14:                                                                                                           1,180,183

% of families with children 0-5 with all parents working:                                                            66%

% of families with children 6+ with all parents working:                                                             71%

Number of regulated Child Care Programs:                                                                            5,944

Number of 4-5 star Child Care Programs:                                                                               3,898

% of children enrolled in 4-5 star Child Care Programs:                                                           72%

Size of Child Care Workforce:                                                                                               40,650

 (Updated August 2019)

Statewide CCR&R Services (in FY20)

Working families who received education and assistance finding child care and school age care (# of children served):   19,152

Child care classrooms/homes in early care and school age programs that received technical assistance to improve or maintain their quality:  5,496

Early care and school age professionals who received training and professional development:  19,236


* Data sources include the NC Office of Budget and Management, American Community Survey and the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education.