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Standardized Training Descriptions

School Age Project – CEU Learning Events

Note:  Those participants receiving CEUs can also count these hours as DCDEE training credits.


BSAC (Basic School Age Care) - .5 CEU  

BSAC (Basic School Age Care) is a 5 hour introductory level training event for school age care professionals that are new to the field.  The training includes the following modules:  1) Health, Safety, & Nutrition, 2) Environmental Design, 3) Child/Youth Development 4) Developmentally Appropriate Activities, 5) Guiding Child Behavior, and 6) Quality School Age Care.  This training in required by the NC Division of Child Development for school age care professionals working in licensed programs but is a great training for new staff in any afterschool program setting.

B.R.A.I.N. Waves:  Are School Age Girls & Boys Really Different? - .5 CEU*

Explore the inner working of the minds of school agers and how the brain develops.  Gain knowledge on areas and functions of the brain, the sequence of brain development in school age children and how that affects their overall development.  Explore similarities and difference between genders as they grow and development.  Link learning styles and brain development.  Gain a more in-depth understanding of why boys are the way they are and why girls aren’t like that at all! 

B.R.A.I.N. Waves:  What The School Age Brain Really Wants!- .5 CEU*

Are you looking for ways to engage and entertain the students in your class or group?  Using knowledge of what the brain needs and enjoys, learn how to employ simple strategies into your program to grab students’ attention and keep them coming back for more!  Help your kids be successful by discovering the basis behind school day learning, incorporating the concept into the afterschool program, but making it experiential and fun for everyone!

*NOTE:  The B.R.A.I.N. Waves Series can be taught as a 1.0 CEU option.

Bullying:  Every 7 Seconds - .5 CEU

How often are school age children bullied by others?  Current information suggests that it happens every 7 seconds!  Do you ever wonder if what you are observing is just ‘kids being kids’ or if intervention is needed?  Do you know the difference between teasing vs. bullying?  Tattling vs. telling?  Learn how to tell the difference, address the situation and use practical strategies to create a peaceful school age environment.  Find answers on how to help not only the targets of bullying but also the students who are engaging in bullying. 

Creative Program Planning – School Age Style! - .5 CEU            

Have you ever spent hours creating activity plans for your school agers just to be disappointed that they weren’t interested in what you had planned?  School age programs support their commitment to children by providing meaningful child centered learning opportunities.  Providing quality learning experiences requires purposeful planning.  This learning event will include tools, tips and strategies to create a fun and motivating learning environment that engages the children in the planning process.  When school agers are involved in planning their own activities, they are excited about participating and learning!

5-2-1-Almost None: Kids Rock Healthy Living! - .5 CEU

Are you concerned about the growing epidemic of obesity in the school age child? Did you know that the percentage of children ages 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 20% in 2008?  Explore how to transform your school age program into a lean-mean-healthy machine with 5-2-1-Almost None, a ‘kid friendly’ approach that gets them rockin’ healthy habits.  Learn new ways to encourage success for ALL children through eating smart, physical activity and family involvement. 

Hocus Pocus: Help Me Focus! Autism & ADHD in Afterschool- .5 CEU

Ever wonder what it’s like to have autism or ADHD? Become part of the child’s world, understand their distinctiveness, feel their frustration, and find ways to comfort them while exploring ideas on how to create a great program experience that meets the individual needs of all children.  This interactive learning event will make you ‘their champion’ and provide practical strategies to take back for easy implementation!

Managing Conflict In Afterschool:  Take A Stand! - .5 CEU

Conflicts and disagreements inevitably arise in afterschool settings.  Differences of opinion, belief systems and personality style enhance the likelihood of conflict.  The key to maintaining a safe and healthy afterschool environment is resolving conflict constructively.  Participants will learn practical strategies and activities to use in their programs to help resolve conflict.  This learning event will use the new enrichment curriculum developed by 4-H, Take A Stand! as a resource for professionals to use in their programs.

SACERS:  Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat - .5 CEU

This learning event provides an in-depth look at school age environments, the importance of interaction, materials, and indicators in the SACERS assessment.  Feel prepared and equipped with knowledge, tools, and strategies to produce a successful SACERS score and create an environment that is both appealing and appropriate for the children and the staff.  Scared of the dreaded interview?  Fear no more!!!  Practice here.  Participants will engage in strategies and activities that relate their environment to the NC Common Core state standards as well as meet the SACERS requirements.

School Age Behavior:  Construction Zone or Obstruction Zone? - .5 CEU***

What is challenging behavior and what does it look like in the school age child?  This session provides an opportunity to reflect on school age child behavior and identifies causes of challenging behavior.  Examine positive ways to modify challenging behavior in school age children through building positive relationships.   Identify and develop strategies that begin to build a program that embraces positive strategies towards challenging behavior in fun and exciting ways! 

School Age Behavior:  Obstruction Challenges To Construction Cheers! - .5 CEU***

Do you want an environment that supports school age children’s interactions with not only you but the children around them in positive and meaningful ways?  Create an environment that promotes positive engagement, visual prompting and effective materials!   Explore ways to prevent and cope with challenging school age behaviors and learn teaching replacement skills that will ensure success!  Note:  It is a prerequisite for participants to complete ‘Construction Zone or Obstruction Zone?’ before attending this event.

***NOTE:  The School Age Behavior Series can be taught as a 1.0 CEU option.

Upping Your Afterschool Game - .5 CEU

Focus!  Get your head in the Game!  Do you know where you rank in comparison to other professionals in the afterschool profession?  How do your stack up next to other teachers or administrators?  Attend this training to learn how to assess not only your skills, but the skills of your team.  Learn how to take your identified strengths and weaknesses and build on those to the next level and make you and your program more marketable!  This is a free tool for programs to use to create plans to take it the next level of quality—Upping Your Afterschool Game!