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October 2016 CCR&R Update

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CCR&R 101 - Training for New Employees in May!

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Healthy Social Behaviors CEU Training Events for 2016!

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Update on Child Care Commission Rules Review

NC Child Care Commission - Update on Rules Review Process*

June 2015

During the 2013 legislative session, the NC General Assembly passed House Bill 74, The Periodic Review and Expiration of Rules bill that requires the Rules Review Commission (RRC) to review all of the state’s administrative rules. To do this, the RRC has charged each state agency with completing a review of all of their rules according to a certain time schedule.

For early care and education, the Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE), along with the NC Child Care Commission must review all child care rules. However, the NC Social Services Commission is responsible for reviewing all of the child care subsidy rules, and the Health Services Commission will review all of the child care sanitation rules. Subsidy and sanitation are on a later timeline to begin their review.

set of rules are completed. Finishing one rule topic at a meeting does not preclude the Commission from revisiting that topic in subsequent meetings. While they have added additional meetings during the year, it is anticipated that this rule by rule, line by line, review could take multiple years to complete. 

March 16, 2015 and April 20, 2015 Commission Rules Meetings

At the March 16th and April 20th meetings the rules covered were related to the following areas:

  • Building Code Requirements for child care centers,
  • Inspections – defining when visits can and should be made to programs.
  • Prelicensing requirements for centers
  • Temporary License issuance
  • Application for a license for a child care center
  • Ongoing requirements

Mainly, the language in the various rules was revised to make it clearer and not redundant with either other rules or law. No substantive changes were discussed for most. There was discussion about how compliance percentages were calculated and concern about larger centers having more potential for compliance issues than smaller centers. This will be discussed further.

The May 11th meeting was a regular Commission meeting and no business related to rulemaking was conducted. They will not be meeting again until August.

NOTE: Next up will be rules related to activities and staff qualifications. These will be important topics to keep on top of, so stay tuned.

Rule Groupings

The Commission had developed new groupings of rules that they were using for their discussion. Listed below is the initial list that was developed. This is subject to change.

  • Staff qualifications, CRC: .0701 -0711 + 2700 (consider putting education points for stars from 2800 here)
  • Ratios, space, group size, environment, discipline: 0500 + 0712 – 0714 + 1400 +1800
  • Stars: 2800
  • Safety, transportation: 0600 + 1000
  • Health and nutrition: 0800 +0900
  • Abuse/neglect investigations: 1900
  • Special programs (developmental day, religious sponsored programs, mildly ill, school age,: 2100 + 2400+ 2900 + 2500
  • Family child care – 1700

If you do not receive information on Child Care Commission meetings you can sign up by sending an email to dedra.alston@dhhs.nc.gov .

We will continue to provide you with updates as the process moves forward and recommend you use this information to keep providers in your area informed of the status of changes. This will be there opportunity to provide input in to the rules that impact their programs, children and families on a daily basis.

*Adapted from a resource created by the NC Child Care Coalition.

Download a PDF version of this information

March Child Care Commission Rules Review Update

Child Care Commission 2015-2016 Meeting Schedule